"Then Which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny?"


The Holy Quran is the final divine revelation (message of Allah). It was revealed to the last Prophet of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him). The Holy Quran is the great source of advice, healing, guidance and mercy for the entire humanity. It is a universal message and is a complete code of life for the believers.  

Allah (Subhananahu Wa Taala - the Glorious and the Exalted) revealed the Holy Quran in Arabic. Allah says in the Holy Quran: We have sent it down as an Arabic Quran, in order that ye may learn wisdom. (12:2)



Our Teachers


Alquranstudy.com tutors are qualified Islamic Scholars. Majority of our Qari's are also Hafiz and speak English, Urdu and Arabic for the convenience of our students. Our tutors are selected after detailed investigation regarding their performance, qualification, social and moral record.